QG Email Solutions (QGemail.com)

Email fulfillment services provided by Quad/Graphics

Frequently Asked Questions

I've received an email from the qgemail.com domain. Who owns this domain and what is the mailing about?

The qgemail.com domain is owned by Quad/Graphics, Inc. Quad/Graphics provides e-mail fulfillment services on behalf of senders, including transactional or relationship content and other content such as class action litigation settlement communication services on behalf of lawyers, law firms, and settlement administrators.

How did you get my name?

The list of email addresses for each campaign is provided to Quad/Graphics by the senders and in the case of class action litigation settlement communication services are court ordered and provided to Quad/Graphics by the settlement administrator for that case.

Can I remove my name from the Sender's list?

You will need to contact the sender if you have questions around your name to request that you be removed from any list. For questions regarding a settlement communication deployed by Quad/Graphics on behalf of a settlement administration claim, please contact the designated call center or use the contact information provided within the settlement email. However, as a potential member of a class in litigation, the parties involved in the litigation may be legally required to include you in communications concerning your eligibility. These communications are intended to provide additional information to you with regard to the litigation settlement in question.

Who is Quad/Graphics?

Quad/Graphics is a leading global provider of print and media solutions. With consultative ideas, worldwide capabilities, leading-edge technology and single-source simplicity, Quad/Graphics has the resources and knowledge to help a wide variety of clients in vertical industries, including, but not limited to, retail, publishing, insurance, financial and healthcare. Quad/Graphics' diverse range of print and related products, services and solutions in North America, South America and Europe primarily include:

  • Print Solutions. Including retail inserts, publications, catalogs, special interest publications, journals, direct mail, books, directories, in-store marketing, packaging, newspapers, custom products, other commercial and specialty printed products and paper services.
  • Logistics Services. Including mailing solutions, postal consultation, delivery optimization and hygiene services, delivery monitoring and tracking, and distribution, logistics and transportation services.
  • Digital Solutions. Including email, image recognition, near-field communication technology, mobile apps, mobile websites and digital publishing.
  • Strategy. Including brand, campaign and media planning and placement.
  • Data. Including data insights, segmentation and response analysis.
  • Creative. Including concept and design, page layout and production, copywriting, interactive solutions, photography, retouching, and video production and optimization.
  • Workflow. Including content management, process management, facilities management services, color management, and digital file processing and proofing.

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What is Quad/Graphics privacy policy?

You can download a copy of Quad/Graphics’ privacy policy here.

Who should I contact with questions?

Please contact BoulderWorkflow@qg.com with any further questions.